Circum LEM

Circum LEM

Liner end sleeve with DIBt approval –
In the end, everything is sealed

  • Compression seal
  • Pipe diameter DN 150 – DN 800
  • Application:
    Connecting and sealing liner ends on pipes and structures, protecting vulnerable liner ends.

Advantages of the Circum LEM:

  • DIBt approval
  • Patented external lock 
  • No protruding obstacles
  • Packer-protecting
  • Fully fitted and ready to mount
  • Free from environmentally harmful lubricants

The external lock prevents the deflection roller from damaging or even removing the liner end sleeve when pipes are being cleaned.


Connecting and sealing liner ends on pipes and structures, protecting vulnerable liner ends.

The system was designed to allow the user to install the sleeve themselves without needing to purchase expensive technology. Direct training from us at the site of installation can be provided upon request.

Width 250mm to 300mm
Nominal diameter DN 150 – DN 800
Seal EPDM Approval in accordance with DIN-EN 681-1
Stainless steel sleeve 1.4404

Product information Download

Technical data sheet Download

Test report: P07104-T01 Circum LEM liner end sleeve – watertightness under external pressure Download

Test report: P07104-T06 Circum LEM liner end sleeve field test and watertightness test Download

DIBt approval Download

  • Trimming sets:
    Set 1: 1x long-neck angle grinder
    Set 2: 1x long-neck sander
    Set 3: 1x long-neck sander and angle grinder
  • Corundum cutting disks
  • LEM installation bases (DN 100 - 175, DN 200 - 250, DN 300 - 400)
  • Talcum 50g
  • Hydrophilic rubber rings DN 150 - 800


The system has been tested by IKT for resistance to high pressure flushing and for watertightness under external pressure.

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