– The unique stainless steel sleeve with external lock

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The new ray of hope for underground repairs

Obduramus Umwelttechnik GmbH is active in the field of environmental engineering and develops and produces solutions for sewer rehabiliation. Our products provide solutions for a very diverse range of damage types within pipes.

Conventional sewer rehabilitation methods (digging) can present significant challenges for local authorities, as well as their contracted consulting engineers and repair organizations. For example, if important transport infrastructures are impacted by construction, coordination costs can be considerable.

Obduramus has developed alternative trenchless repair solutions which reliably and permanently seal pipe damages internally. Our Circum technology consists of a stainless steel sleeve surrounded by an EPDM rubber seal, both to be pressed against the inner pipe wall via an inflatable packer until sealing occurs and then to remain permanently locked in place by a strong mechanical lock. Different sealing processes and diameters are available. With this trenchless system a damaged pipe can be repaired within minutes, instead of many hours or several days.

Their benefits:

Permanent sealing purely based on the principles of mechanics

Effective and sustainable repairs

Stainless steel sleeve manufactured using the same grade of steel for all components, resulting in no corrosion

Fast and simple installation saves time

Installation with no environmentally harmful chemicals

The stainless steel sleeve with external lock

Innovative, efficient and reliable

Pipe point repair systems developed by experts

Customers all over the world value the advantages of Obduramus:

  • Fast and simple installation
  • Effective and sustainable repairs
  • High-quality materials
  • Unique, patented external lock

Circum SWELL

available since July of 2022

Your expert for trenchless pipe repair systems

Seal pipe connections quickly and effectively

Obduramus Umwelttechnik GmbH is actively involved in environmental engineering, by developing and manufacturing various trenchless rehabilitation solutions for pipe systems. Our products have been providing solutions for a very diverse range of damages, all performed trenchless from within pipes.

Individual pipe point repair systems

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