Pipe rehabilitation system

Rehabilitation sleeves for repairing sockets without groundwork. Protects resources and the environment.

Pipe repairs using sleeves

Gapless sealing

Obduramus Umwelttechnik GmbH had developed a locking mechanism for Circum products in order to quickly and effectively repair pipe connections from DN 150. The system is flexible and manufactured using high-quality materials. Lock rings and/or stainless steel sleeves are placed inside the EPDM seals and are pressed against the pipe walls using specially developed and patented tension locks. This seals the damage permanently and reliably.

Their benefits:

Permanent sealing purely based on the principles of mechanics

Effective and sustainable repairs

Stainless steel sleeve manufactured using the same grade of steel, resulting in no corrosion

Fast and simple installation saves time

Installation with no environmentally harmful lubricants

The stainless steel sleeve with external lock

Circum MINI
  • Compression seal
  • Pipe diameter DN 150 – DN 800
  • Application:
    Longitudinal cracks, radial cracks, leaky pipe connections, missing wall sections, closing of unused laterals, replacing missing formwork behind inliners, part formation
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Circum LEM
  • Compression seal
  • Pipe diameter DN 150 – DN 400
  • Application:
    Connecting and sealing liner ends on pipes and structures, protecting vulnerable liner ends.
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ASCOPA rehabilitation hose
  • Expanding seal
  • Pipe diameter DN 1000 – DN 4000
  • Application:
    Sealing socket gaps in accessible pipes, conical socket gaps
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Individual repair system

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